Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let Summer Begin

Little J Bird is out of school for the summer.  It's such a bummer that I have to be working during this time.  She is so excited and full of energy. Today, hubby stayed with her all day long.  By lunch time he was swearing she has ADD.  Ummm, ok, Dad!  It's funny the teachers that have been with her all year long never mentioned it.  LOL.  She does seem to think she's going to play, play, play all summer long. we have her fooled.

This weekend we bought a small blowup pool to get help keep us cooled off this summer.  Of course, J Bird couldn't wait to get in and so we all took the plunge. Really, I just dressed the part, because the moment I felt the cold water and the cool breeze I was done.  Little J Bird toughed it out and had a good time, though.


San said...

yaayy!! love all this pics!! she's so happy!!! its really hot there right??
here is hot but not that much (i think)
anyway i think that tomorrow i will go to the beach!!
have a lot of fun!! YAY SUMMER IS HERE, FINALLY!!!

Teresa said...

awww..beautiful photos! She looks like she's having a fun time, aren't those blow-up pools great! We have one too, though it's actually raining here and feels like winter right now. Hope J-bird has a great summer!

Linda said...

All of your photos are wonderful Rosie. Jaybird is really great infront of the camera. Love the blog and I am so happy summer is here too.

Maegan Beishline said...

Her little sunglasses are way too cute! Yaaayyy for summer!

Beth Simmons said...

What fun summer images! I can hardly believe summer is here already!

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