Saturday, January 28, 2012

52 weeks project

I have joined my sweet friend, Sarah, from My Four Hens Photography, in a 52 week photo project. My first 52 week project helped me grow and learn so much, that I thought it was a must for me this year. Plus, I need more pics of my baby (or babies, if you include Lola.) What better way to see the changes throughout the year.  Last year she grew almost 3 inches! Can you believe it? Each week Sarah shares a theme with us and we interpret it however we like.  It's amazing to see everyone's shots.  I shared my first photo, Resolution, a few posts back.  It was a beautiful butterfly I was lucky enough not to scare away. These are my posts for the last 3 weeks.  You can click on them to read the background of each (not that it's too complicated or anything.)  I'm a simple gal and you can definitely see it already in these first 4 posts.  I hope you'll join me along my journey.

Week 2 | Life

Week 3 | Inspiration

Week 4 | Imperfection


Anonymous said...

I will love to start a project like this....but I'm sure I'll fail....Instead I have another project in mind, one project that i'm sure I couldn't complete, Because I need my time.....heheheheh! anyway you're doingo it really well! keep going!

Anonymous said...

oohh!! sorry!! I mean a project i could complete! hahaha!! my spelling....oh no.....;)

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