Thursday, November 10, 2011

The K. Family | Sneak Peek

I loved everything about working with these sweeties.  First, they are friends that trusted me with their photos, so that means so much to me.  Second, how can you not love them?  They are all gorgeous and I loved the colors they wore for the shoot. It was a gorgeous day and it made those colors just pop.  I loved it.  And finally, I loved watching the little ones just being kids.  I brought my J Bird along and found out she's a valuable tool when children are around.  I'll need to keep that a secret before she requests some sort of payment.

Here is a sneak peek of that colorful, happy, gorgeous shoot.  I hope we can do it again!

This last one is probably my favorite shot.  The little one had just let out a huge sneeze and everyone was giggling.  At first I considered it a blooper shot, but I can't help but love it!  


Anonymous said...

what great photos, rosie! you definitely brought tears to my eyes with those 'to die for' close-ups of my babies! thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

you really have a much love shows in these pictures..
friend of their grandma in IN

Anonymous said...

I think the one of the kids sitting on the cement with lollipops is my favorite. I love the expressions.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous subjects and shots... XO ~Stacey

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