Wednesday, October 20, 2010

365 Project: Days 20-31

Time to play catch up. Sometimes I don't know what's going on with my pictures.  There are times when I think I forget everything I've learned in the last year and a half about my camera.  It just goes to show that I really do need to practice, especially in those conditions that frighten me the most....straight into the sun, bad lighting, etc.  So, that's exactly what I've been doing.

Here we go:

Day 20:
She loves this pink car given to her by her grandma & grandpa.  I love how she just does her own thing.  She dresses up like a cowgirl and gets into her pink car.  All is good with the world.

Day 21:
I got a crafting bug into me and it was a little crazy there for a bit.  This was a quick little try at making a headband with some leftover bandanna from her birthday party.  Hey, we recycle and reuse!  What a sweet kid for letting me try it on her.  I think the chocolate pudding was the secret, though, as you can tell from her chocolate mustache.

Day 22:
Ok, so I missed a few days in here, but I was feeling a little rotten for a few days there.  Thankfully, a few nights with my go-to remedy (Theraflu) and some TV surfing and all was good again.

Day 23:
The recent beautiful weather inspired me to get moving and do something a little more "photo shoot" like.  So, I convinced my sweet J Bird to go on a mini shoot.   We ended up playing more than anything else, but I did get some favorites and this is definitely one of them.  It's so her.  We will be going back for more.

Day 24:
I have to admit every time I look at this I get a bit teary eyed.  In honor of my sweet mother-in-law, her struggle with cancer, and breast cancer awareness month I shot this very simple photo.  It is a collection of mini crosses that belonged to her and they hang from our hutch in the dining room.  It's this one cross that says it all when thinking of her.

Day 25:
Taken at a recent festival in town.

Day 26:
This was a quick snapshot taken as the sun was going down.  As you can tell, she was playing hard to get.

Day 27:
A continuation of my crafting frenzy.  I made this funky headband for photos.  It wasn't intended for anything else.  Besides, J Bird says it's too heavy.  LOL.  She wore it well, though.

Day 28:
It was such a beautiful evening and I couldn't resist the sun and these pretty little pink flowers in our front yard.  Of course, J Bird had to make her way into the photo.  She's the pink out of focus blob in the background playing tee ball.

Day 29:
At soccer practice trying to get my shot in for the day.

Day 30:
On the streets of New Orleans where I met my sister for an extremely rare getaway.

Day 31:
Another shot in the French Quarter as we strolled the area.  The architecture is amazing.  I didn't even mention the food we had while there.  Oh my goodness, DELISH! Yeah, I didn't get photos of that.  We were usually starving by the time we found a place to eat, so my camera was the last thing on our minds.


Teresa said...

These are all beautiful Rosie..and they are all so different, you are doing so great on your 365! I love the BW of Jbird peeking and her expression in the 3rd from the top one. Was NOLA fun? I may meet some old friends there in the spring..never been, I will have to get some tips from you before I go.

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