Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Favorite Place

In the middle of a busy work week, I find myself looking forward to visiting one of my favorite places, Quinta Mazatlan.  It's a 1935 Spanish Revival Style mansion that was saved from the bulldozer by the city and serves as an extension to our World Birding Center.  They have had some wonderful summer programs for children this year including a visit by Dr. Seuss' The Lorax and The Learning Channel's Dinosaur George.  I love that the minute we walk onto the property you feel like you have left the city way behind.  Even with so many folks around we can usually find some nice quiet time to ourselves and that's what I love the most.  Of course, I then have to whip out the camera and plead with J Bird to stand still for a few seconds. It's these pictures that give me such a peaceful feeling even amid a crazy, busy work week.

Note to my fellow bloggers: I don't know what I did to get such terrible quality on some of my images. They look wonderful in Photoshop and I didn't do anything different when saving, but I'm disappointed with how they look in blogger. Any ideas?


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